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Second State Press offers a variety of classes exploring printmaking techniques.   Class sizes are limited to no more than 8 students, unless otherwise noted.


Classes include:

  • Quick and Dirty Screen Printing
  • Forearms of Steel: Advanced Screen Printing
  • Create Custom Coasters
  • Mezzotint is Not a Dirty Word
  • New: Repeat Pattern +Printing on Fabric
  • NEW: Stone Litho
  • NEW: Collograph: Printing with Texture
  • NEW: Mutter Museum and SSP present: Exquisite Corpse: Drypoint

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Quick and Dirty-WEB

Quick and Dirty Screen Printing

Class Dates & Times*:

Saturday, June 4th 12-3 PM
Saturday, August 20th 12-3PM
Saturday, September 24th 12-3 PM

Instructor:  Ashley Limés

Quick and Dirty Screen Printing is the perfect class for someone who is new to printmaking and is ready to roll up their sleeves to have some fun.  Screen printing is a popular printmaking medium that allows you to create multiple prints with relative ease and little equipment.  In this class Philadelphia artist and Galbrith & Paul printer, Ashley Limés, will guide you through the main steps of making a screen print. Students in this class will learn how to draw a film positive, expose a shop screen, and print their design on paper.  This class includes all materials, students only have to bring their ideas about something to draw.  Students will leave with an edition of prints and the knowledge and confidence to create screen prints.

Class Cost & Material Fee:  $90

Class Dates

* Don’t see a Quick and Dirty class that works for your schedule?  This is a regularly offered class and more dates will be posted for each term.


Screen print detail by Ashley Limés

Forearms of Steel: Advanced Screen Printing

Class Dates & Times*:

Saturday, July 30th and Sunday, July 31st 11-3 PM

Instructor:  Ashley Limés

If you’ve made a photo silkscreen in the past and would like to strengthen your skills by learning the trick to tight registration with multiple layered screen prints and experiment with color, this is the class for you. We will create an edition of 10 screen prints with up to four colors, using a mixture of hand­-drawn and digital imagery. Instructor will contact students prior to class to gather a photo or digital image and prepare a digital image for student use in class. Cost of class includes materials and each student will go home with their own set of registration pins.

Instructor Bio: Ashley Limés holds a BFA in Printmaking and Art History from Temple University and has nurtured her printmaking skills with organizations such as The Print Center, Second State Press, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, The Women’s Studio Workshop, Space 1026, and her current position as a Textile Printer at Galbraith & Paul. Implementing the mediums of drawing and printmaking, her artistic practice focuses on the language of architecture and geology in order to create environments which promote a connection with ourselves and the external world.

Class Cost & Material Fee:  $200

16-Mcmordie litho101

Stone Litho 101

Saturday, July 16th, 1-4 PM
Instructor: Heather McMordie

This three hour course will cover all aspects of the lithographic process―from stone graining to drawing, etching to printing―and will have the opportunity to start drawing on stone. Course cost includes four additional hours of shop time so students can return to finish and print the image. Come with a litho project in mind and we’ll help you get started!

Class Cost & Material Fee: $90


Collograph: Printing with Texture

Sunday, July 24th, 1-4 PM
Instructor: Heather McMordie

Collograph is a beautifully simple printing process that uses subtle texture to create an image. Students will create low-relief printable collages and learn two methods of inking and printing. Bring found materials and favorite textures to incorporate into your plate! Class cost includes two hours of shop time to be used to print the final edition.

Class Cost & Material Fee:  $70

mezzotint by Shawn Smith

mezzotint by Shawn Smith

Mezzotint is Not a Dirty Word

Saturday, June 25th 12-3PM
Instructor: Shawn Smith

Mezzotint is a tonal intaglio method, in which artists work reductively into a plate that has been rocked with a textured surface. Learn mezzotint process; from prep, to process, to print in a three hour workshop. You will learn the history, tools, practice, and printing of the mezzotint medium. The goal of this workshop is to introduce, promote, and challenge the misconceptions of this wonderful, yet commonly eluded intaglio method.

Class Cost & Material Fee:  $150


Mutter Museum and SSP present: Exquisite Corpse: Drypoint

Two-day workshop, 1-4 PM
August 13th at the Mutter Museum and August 14th at Second State Press

Instructors: Meredith Sellers and Lauren Pakradooni

Be Inspired by the Dada collage and the collection of illustrations at Mutter Museum, to create drypoint prints in a two day workshop. Drypoint is an intaglio technique, in which artists work directly unto the surface of the plate to create incised lines that hold etching ink. We will translate our collage and drawing works created in studio at the Mutter Museum into etchings that we will print using traditional intaglio techniques at Second State Press.

Class Cost & Material Fee:  $50

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Refund Policy

100% refund for classes cancelled by Second State Press.
100% refund if you cancel your registration two weeks or more before the first day of a class.
50% refund if you cancel your registration one week or more before the first day of the class.
No refunds for missed sessions.