Studio Time

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 Renting Press Time & Fees

–  Rental price includes access to all equipment, basic tools, and workspace. Only members are permitted to use the space and are required to provide their own paper and ink.

–  Members will be able to rent press time during studio hours (exception is the yearly unlimited)
Studio hours: Tuesday- Sunday 12PM-10PM

–  SSP is closed to members on Mondays.


Hourly bundles are perfect if you have a specific job and know that you’ll be able to complete it in a certain amount of time.  Hours in the bundles are good for up to a year after you purchase them and do not have to be used all at once.

Hourly                       $15
4 hour Bundle          $40
16 hour Bundle        $95
32 hour Bundle       $155

Bundle Sizes

If you have a longer term project or want to use the shop on a more regular basis, the monthly or yearly membership is right for you.  Monthly members can work during posted shop hours.  Yearly users will receive their own FOB and can use the shop at any time.

Monthly                   $195
Yearly (unlimited) $2,000

Monthly or Yearly

Exposure Unit Punch Card

Perfect for members who just need to expose plates or screens and work in their own studio. Each punch permits members to coat 1 screen or prep 1 plate and use the exposure unit.

Punch Card, 6 punches $30

Flat File Rental

There are a limited number of flat files available to members to rent.  Flat files are available for $10 a month and sold 6 months at a time. Please check with the shop before purchasing to make sure a flat file is available.

Flat File Rental

*Rates are subject to change. Please email for questions and to confirm equipment availability.  Hours are good for one year from purchase date.